Kalanjiyam - International Journal of Tamil Studies 2023-08-07T06:43:42+00:00 S.Veerakannan Open Journal Systems <p>களஞ்சியம் (<em>Kalanjiyam</em>) <strong>(ISSN: 2456-5148)</strong> – An <em>International Journal</em> of Tamil Studies is a quarterly, bi-lingual journal in Tamil and English. KIJTS publishes original research and review papers related to Tamil Language.</p> <p>Tamil is the oldest language in the world, with a literary heritage dating back over two thousand five hundred years. It is no exaggeration if Tamil is one of the oldest and foremost languages in the world.</p> <p>At this moment, there is a need for quality international research in Tamil to promote Tamil research. Considering this, the களஞ்சியம் (<em>Kalanjiyam</em>) – An International Journal of Tamil Studies <strong>(ISSN: 2456-5148) </strong>has been launched.</p> <p>The quarterly and bilingual Journal (Tamil Language &amp; English Language) gives keen scope to understand and evaluate the classical antiquity of Tamil Language and Literature and modern trends in it. The Journal <strong>KIJTS</strong> mainly focuses on the thrust areas such as <em><strong>History of Tamil Language and Culture, Folk Arts, Temple Studies, Siddha Medicine, Tamil Linguistics, Tamil Criticism, Tamil Literature, Creative writing in Tamil Language, Tamil Literature and Psychology, Women in Tamil Literature, Eco-criticism, Comparative Literature, World Literatures in Tamil Translation.</strong></em></p> <p>Researchers are kindly asked to make their contribution in this regard.</p> Social Change – A Theoretical Perspective of Classical Sociologists 2023-08-07T06:35:29+00:00 Rajendran Kirushikkah <p>Sociology is the field that studies individuals, society, social institutions, and behavior. While this sociology contains various ideas, social change is also seen as an important issue. Social change refers to change in culture, behavior, social institutions and social structure. In this way, this research paper clarifies the evolution of society and social change along with the theoretical thoughts of Classical sociologists such as Auguste Comte, Karl Marx, Herbert Spencer and Emile Durkheim. In the theoretical view of Classical sociologists, it is clear that the society has passed through many stages of development and that development has caused social change. It is significant that the theoretical thoughts of the early Classical sociologists have been instrumental in the development of today's modern era and its transformation. Classical Sociologists's theories of social change have different stages of development. How society evolves and undergoes change at each stage, and how society, culture, customs, ethics, values, behavior of individuals, and the trend of social institutions are shaped at each stage by classical sociologists such as Auguste Comte, Karl Marx, Herbert Spencer and&nbsp; Emile Durkheim. This review also analyses theories of social change.</p> 2023-08-07T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Kalanjiyam - International Journal of Tamil Studies