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Article Processing Fee

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KALANJIYAM adheres to an Open Access Policy, which means that articles are freely available online as soon as they are published. As a result, we do not generate any revenue from selling subscriptions to print or online versions of our journals, nor do we charge “pay-per-view” fees. Instead, authors are responsible for covering the costs through an article-processing charge (APC) or Publication fee. This APC is used to cover various services provided, including systems for authors, editors, and reviewers, production, hosting, indexing services, and support. Without proper funding for these necessary expenses, we would not be able to provide the high-quality and professional service that we pride ourselves on. Authors are required to pay the article charges upon acceptance prior to publication.

The Regular Article Fee is Rs. 500.00, and the Conference Article Fee is Rs. 200.00. Additionally, this charge includes a free DOI (Zenodo).