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Licenses, Copyright & Permissions

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1. Transfer of copyright:

The corresponding author or designee below, with the consent of all co-authors, hereby transfers to the publishers and copyright ownership in the referenced submitted work, including all versions in any format now known or hereafter developed and sell the articles worldwide in all languages and media (Publishing Agreement & Copyright Transfer Form).

2. Rights and obligations of Publisher:

The Publisher’s rights to the Article shall especially include, but shall not be limited to:

  • Ability to publish an electronic version of the Article via the website of the publisher or any other electronic format or means of electronic distribution provided by or through publisher from time to time, selling the Article world-wide (through subscriptions, Pay-per-View, single archive sale, etc.)
  • Transforming to and selling the Article through any electronic format
  • Publishing the Article in the printed Journals as listed on the official Website of Publisher
  • Transferring the copyright and the right of use of the Article on to any third party
  • Translating the Article in any language
  • Taking measures on behalf of the Author against in fringement, in appropriate use of the Article, libel or plagiarism.

Publishers agrees to send the text of the manuscript to the corresponding author e-mail address of Author indicated in the present Statement for preview before the first publishing either in paper and/or electronic format (Proof). Author should return the corrected test of the manuscript within 5 days to the publisher. Author shall, however, not make any change to the content of the Article during the First Proof preview.

3. Rights and obligations of Author:

The Author declares and warrants that he/she is the exclusive author of the Article– or has the right to represent all co-authors of the Article and has not granted any exclusive or non-exclusive right to the Article to any third party prior to the execution of the present Statement and has the right therefore to enter in to the present Statement and entitle the Publisher the use of the Article subject to the present Statement. By executing the present Statement Author confirms that the Article is free of plagiarism, and that Author has exercised reasonable care to ensure that it is accurate and, to the best of Author’s knowledge, does not contain any thing which is libellous, or obscene, or infringes on anyone’s copyright, right of privacy, or other rights. The Author expressively acknowledges and accepts that he/she shall been titled to no royalty (or any other fee) related to any use of the Article subject to the present Statement. The Author further accepts that he/she will not been titled to dispose of the copyright of the final, published version of the Article or make use of this version of the Article in any manner after the execution of the present Statement. The Author is entitled, however, to self-archive the preprint version of his/her manuscript. The preprint version is the Author’s manuscript or the galley proof or the Author’s manuscript along with the corrections made in the course of the peer-review process. The Author’s right to self-archive is irrespective of the format of the preprint (.doc, .tex., .pdf) version and self-archiving includes the free circulation of this file via e-mail or publication of this pre print on the Author’s web page or on the Author’s institution a repository with open or restricted access. When self-archiving a paper the Author should clearly declare that the archived file is not the final published version of the paper, he/she should quote the correct citation and enclose a link to the published paper([DOI of the Article without brackets]).

4. Use of third party content as part of the Article

When not indicating any co-authors in the present Statement Author confirms that he/she is the exclusive author of the Article. When indicating co- authors in the present Statement Author declares and warrants that all co-authors have been listed and Author has the exclusive and unlimited dright to represent all the co-authors of the Article and to enter into the present Statement on their behalf and as a consequence all declarations made by Author in the present Statement are made in the name of the co-authors as well. Author also confirms that he/she shall hold Publisher harmless of all third-party claims in connection to non-authorized use of the Article by Publisher. Should Author wish to reuse material sourced from third parties such as other copyright holders, publishers, authors, etc. as part of the Article, Author bears responsibility for acquiring and clearing of the third party permissions for such use before submitting the Article to the Publisher for acceptance. Author shall hold Publisher harmless from all third party claims in connection to the unauthorized use of any material under legal protection forming a part of the Article.

5. Share with Colleagues:

Subject to the publishers, Authors may send or otherwise transmit electronic files of the Submitted or Accepted Work to interested colleagues prior to, or after, publication. Sharing of the Published Work with colleagues is permitted if it is done via the journal articles on Request author-directed link. The sharing of any version of the Work with colleagues is only permitted if it is done for non-commercial purposes; that no fee is charged; and that it is not done on a systematic basis, e.g. mass emailings, posting on a listserv, etc. Recipients should be informed that further redistribution of any version of the Work is not allowed. Authorized users of the publisher’s website may also email a link to the Author’s article directly to colleagues as well as recommend and share a link to the Author’s article with known colleagues through popular social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, or CiteULike.

6. Retained Rights:

The Author(s) retain copyright and all other intellectual property rights.

Article Processing Fees

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Open Access Statement

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